Saturday, October 20, 2018

Notes and a Novel: A Brief Introduction

This blog is all about books, book reviews and the written word.

I will be writing reviews for Advanced Reader Copies of books received from as well as books I have bought for myself. 

ARC's are exactly what they sound like, they're copies of the book that are sent out to reviewers before the release date of the book in order for the book to receive some publicity and so that readers can find reviews of the book to decide whether they want to buy the book! 

Advanced Reader Copies are not always the final copy that goes to print, there still may be changes to the writing in terms of plot, grammar and writing style so all opinions of books are based solely on the e-ARC I have received and may not be an accurate representation of the final book. However, in essence the plot will always be the same and very few things are changed for the final publication copy so you can get a good feel for the book before you buy your own copy. 

One of the issues with ARC's is that they often come with spelling and grammar errors but because that is the nature of all ARC's I will not be including that in my review. 

I will include things like: Setting, main characters, plot (spoiler free!), comparisons to other similar books and authors, whether I have much experience with the genre and whether I would ultimately recommend this book to anyone (and who that may be, whether its for a young adult audience or middle grade etc) and a star rating out of 5. 

I will also be writing about my experiences as an amateur writer working on a novel. I currently have 3 novels in various stages of completion. The Writing Diaries section is where I will share my experiences, frustrations and celebrations as a writer.

I will be posting my first review (Blitzball by Barton Ludwig) next week so keep an eye out for that! 

In the meantime feel free to follow me on Twitter!

I do not receive any financial compensation from Netgalley in return for my reviews. I receive the digital ARC to read and once I have reviewed it I can no longer access the ARC.

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