Monday, October 29, 2018

The Writing Diaries: Part One

The Writing Diaries will be a series devoted to my own personal writing exploits.

Whether it be participating in the gruelling marathon that is National Novel Writing Month or the slow crawl towards a fully finished novel that I undertake the rest of the year.

The Writing Diaries may not be updated as regularly as my book reviews and rants but will be a place for me to talk about how I feel about my writing, what I'm loving and what I'm hating.

I hope that by writing about it, I will hold myself accountable to make constant, steady progress towards a finished novel. I already have several novels in various stages of completion, ranging from one or two chapters written all the way to first draft completed and editing started. Ideally I'd like to finish several of these projects before starting something new but I'm notoriously bad at that. I have a fiendish habit of starting a new project and then setting it down like a petulant child when the plot won't flow like I think it should.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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