Sunday, September 8, 2019

Going all in...

Today we're going a little off topic, to talk about the concept of "going all in". 

To me, Going All In means backing myself in all my endeavours, it means having the confidence and the courage to take the plunge to the unknown and to stop calling myself an aspiring writer, and to simply call myself a writer. Because that's what I am, I write, I am a writer. 

I spent a long time thinking I couldn't ask people to contribute to a Patreon account because I am not a published author and I don't know when or even if that will happen, but in this era of technological advancement and the world becoming smaller by way of the internet, communities of writers, artists, musicians and thousands of other creatives have banded together to ask the world to contribute to the creation of art. 

When I really thought about it, asking the world to contribute to my artistic endeavours isn't as indulgent and "Millennial" as I thought. In years gone by artists of all types had patrons, people who supported them financially so that they could produce art for their patrons and the masses. This concept isn't new and it shouldn't be seen as "freeloading", and that is something I have finally come to terms with. 

I am physically disabled and it is hard. There's no way to dress that up. Getting a job while disabled is almost impossible where I live, there's too many people and not enough jobs. Even with my bachelor's degree in social work I have struggled for the past 4 years to get a job, it is disheartening and my mental health has slowly been declining as a result. In the end I had to take the chance to back myself and Go All In. 

This means that I have set up a Patreon account and included a button to support me on Patreon in the sidebar. 

Right now the perks are pretty casual, for the rest of this month if you sign up to support me on Patreon you will get a personalised thank you card. The $1 tier gives you early access to my book reviews, and drafts of short stories, the $3 tier gives you the $1 perks PLUS early access to flash fiction and short fiction pieces before I submit them to literary journals (basically the polished versions of $1 stories, this way you get to see how I edit and change pieces before they are submitted for publication), and the $5 tier gets you the previous perks PLUS access to my outlining process for novels and novellas and access to Scrivener templates for novels and novellas to use as you like. If you have special requests for what kind of Scrivener templates you'd like to see, or if you have a preferred writing program you'd rather see a template in, leave a comment below and sign up for the $5 tier to see that in the coming months! 

I'm going to leave a link here to my Patreon, please check it out and consider supporting my blog and other writing endeavours!

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